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PROJECT : The Orchard, Bldg.2

LOCATION : San Fernando, Pampanga

PROGRAM : 2-storey commercial building

STATUS : On-going construction 2022

The second building for The Orchard builds on the concept of the first structure in both form and material, while still considering the site’s context. Due to the building’s location at the end of the lot, its single pitched roof bookends the first building’s gable language and maintains visual connectivity between the two structures. A stucco finish is applied to the exterior of the bottom level and corrugated metal for the roof, consistent with the first building’s material palette.

With the masterplan for the 2-hectare development orienting all structures toward the central garden, a wide deck was created on the second floor to provide a view of the greenery below and open up al fresco dining for establishments. The sun path was taken into consideration by articulating the massing to shield the deck from sunlight during afternoons, lessening the need for roofing over the space. In anticipation of the 3rd building and the need to generate more foot traffic towards the upper floors, a network of bridgeways can be built further connecting all the structures together.

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